Somerset Rodent Control

Rats and mice are the most common pests in the UK. They enter your premises in search of food, water and shelter. They are good climbers and can squeeze through cracks as slim as a pencil and they are a potential serious health risk to any home or business. Rodents are a source of disease and contamination and can cause damage to wiring, stock and property. Their presence is often distressing.

  • Scratching – noises in walls, ceilings or under the floor as they scurry around looking for food.
  • Droppings – Rats leave dark, tapered (sausage shaped) droppings about 1 – 2cm long.
  • Rats often have a toilet area where numerous droppings are found
  • Mice leave small, dark droppings particularly along walls or in drawers and cupboards
  • Burrows – Rats usually like to live near their food source and burrows are commonly found near garden bird feeding areas, under compost bins and under sheds. They also find garden decking a good place to live under.
  • Damage – Rodents they have teeth that grow continuously and they often gnaw on wood and plastic. Sometimes this cause fires as they are often known to chew through cables and wiring.
  • Ripped food packaging – they will tear open all types of packaging to find food which may leave teeth marks.
  • Distinctive smell – rodents leave an ammonia-like smell that will be particularly strong in enclosed areas such as under cupboards, in loft spaces, garages, sheds or under decking.
  • Nests – built in warm, hidden places using shredded material such as newspaper, plastic and fabrics.


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