Somerset Pigeon Control

Pigeons tend to scavenge for food, often in substantial numbers where a good food supply is readily available  – hence the need for pigeon control.

Pigeons are able to breed all year round. They carry and can transfer to humans diseases such as salmonella.

Pigeons are known to carry diseases such as Chiamdiosis, a virus similar to influenza, and Psittacosis, similar to pneumonia

Droppings are not only unsightly; they can cause long term damage. Fresh droppings, whilst unpleasant, pose no risk to health. It is dried droppings that can potentially spread infection.

Pigeon control techniques include large nets, taut wires or blunt spikes which can be put on buildings to keep them off.



IDM has extensive experience of pigeon control. We have carried out work for national retailers and numerous local companies. Please ask us for our expert advice.